Dating a Colombian Woman: 6 Tips for Winning Her Heart

Colombian women are some of the sexiest, curvaceous, intelligent, and outgoing women you’ll ever meet. They have very sensual personalities, are romantic, take very good care of their body, and know how to seduce you with all the right moves.

Colombians have beautiful dark eyes, long dark hair, and will absolutely drive you wild. So, if you’re planning a trip to Columbia, or looking for advice on how to have a successful relationship with a Colombian woman, then read on!

1. Colombian women absolutely love to dance, and you should too. Given several various festivities every year, and the consistent party scene throughout Columbia, there’s always something to celebrate, and these women take advantage of every opportunity – with a work hard play harder mentality.

Colombians are very elegant, seductive dancers, and use dancing as a form to express themselves. So, whether it’s partying and dancing to “break loose” after a long week, or dancing sensually with you on the dance-floor seize this opportunity to really get close to your Colombian date or girlfriend, and enjoy her sexy moves and maybe even a few kisses!

Just don’t overwhelm her, be overly aggressive, or try pulling any sexual moves on the dance floor. Just because she gives you a small peck or a kiss, or is dancing very closely with you – which is normal – doesn’t mean she wants to go home and jump into bed with you.

So, if you don’t know how to already, consider investing in salsa lessons, or even better, attend them while you visit Columbia to meet great new people, and maybe even the woman of your dreams!

gorgeous Colombian women in bikinis

2. Colombians can be very jealous, and in some cases even controlling. As tough as Colombian women play ‘hard to get’, once you’re dating or have a Colombian girlfriend expect her to be jealous regularly, as Colombian women take great pride in their relationships, and likely fear she might lose you – a foreigner which is seen as rare – to another woman.

Of course, there’s a difference between being jealous and being controlling, so it’s up to you to use your judgment and decipher between the two. Colombian women have enough ‘fire’ in them as it is, so, you don’t need one that tends to be obsessive or controlling messing up your flow and vacation.

3. Women in Columbia are all about and cherish family deeply. Therefore, they not only make great wives and mothers, but you should expect at some point to meet her family first before you get the official “approval” to date, or marry their daughter.

Often, the father and grandmother are the most important people that you want to form relationships with, bond, and gain approval from for the sake of a happy relationship with your Colombian girlfriend or bride to be.

So, if you’ve met your Colombian lover online, and are just meeting her for the first time it’s important to keep this in mind. Once you visit and stay in Columbia, if possible, try to make it a point to at least “hint” at wanting to meet her family, if you’re serious about each other and interested in taking it to the next level.

And don’t worry, foreigners are very welcome in Columbia, and barring you’re a good person that’s going to respect and keep their daughter happy and safe chances are you’ll have no problems.

4. Columbia is a predominantly Roman Catholic country, which means most Colombian women take religion quite seriously. So, whether she’s a catholic or a Christian, be mindful and expect her to attend mass or church regularly, and be supportive of this.

Never try to interfere with her emotional connection and commitment to religion, or it’ll likely be the last you’ll ever see of her. Even if you aren’t religious, or not catholic, don’t hesitate should you be comfortable in joining her to mass or church, showing a genuine interest, and willingness to adapt for her sake so that the two of you can be together, and happy.

You’ll find Colombian women to be quite open minded, and they know when dating or potentially marrying a foreigner that they too will have to be patient, and willing to bend – especially if you two are going to have a family of your own one day.

Latin Colombian women giving a flying kiss

5. You will find, may it be online or in person, that Colombian women like to play hard to get. These women enjoy “the chase”, as it makes them feel special or important to you, because it requires time, energy, and effort – and they know this.

Of course, there’s a big difference between women that are flirtatious, are only interested in playing games, or don’t genuinely want more than just friends or a causal relationship, so keep this in mind and play your cards right. Which leads us to our last piece of advice.

6. Be sincere, know what you want, and know what she wants too. It’s important, as with any woman and relationship, that you’re upfront about your expectations and what you want from a relationship with your Colombian woman.

Just be honest, and you might be surprised to learn that she wants the same thing, or something similar. Honesty is key and will save you both a lot of heartbreak, wasted time, energy, and effort. Most importantly, just be yourself. Because if you aren’t, more than likely they’ll know, find out, or pick up on it and decide to walk the other direction.